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    If you have any question regarding Bengkung Sabah, feel free to contact us, we have a live chat also!

    What Benefits of Bengkung Sabah For You

    Instantly Defines your waistline into an hourglass. Shapes and Sculpts 1-4 inches Off your waistline during wear. Back Support and Posture Correction to help relief Back Pain, can wear up to 8 Hours Daily Without Tension! Prevent you from eating big portion which Helps Dietary

    Long Term Shaping

    With daily wear of Bengkung Sabah, you can burn off body fats in a natural & healthier way without worrying any side effect and achieve your dream body shape!

    Flattens and Smoothers Your Belly

    instantly allowing you to wear any dress without fear of Bulging. Apart from that, Bengkung Sabah also Shapes and Sculpts 1-4 inches Off your waistline and can wear up to 8 hours without feeling any Tension


    Spine Correction & Back Support

    Keep the spine in the right position by improving overall posture and reduces back pain by preventing and correcting hunchback. By not allowing bad posture, this will improve your efficiency, and make you full of energy since more oxygen flow will be smoothened.  


    What and How It Was Made

    3 Rows of Hook & Closure- Allow for size adjustment and hook firmly

    Double Stitching Overlock- Prevents steel bones stays pierced the material

    Natural latex & Cotton- 3 layers upgraded fabric, mid-layer 100% natural latex soft and breathable

    7 spiral steel boned- Flexible and great support as soft as plastic bones, bend easily but recover quickly to origin

    Wear Any Dress With Confidence

    You can wear any dress without fear of looking bulging and have the confidence of unleashing the beauty in you


    How to Measure Your Natural Waist

     To measure your natural waist to get the ideal measurement is fairly simple just follow 4 simple steps: 

    After measuring your natural waist, choose the size that best suits you!


    ✔️ 1PC* Bengkung Sabah


    Question: How do you wash it?

    Answer: Soak it in a bucket with softener and air dry it

    Question: Does it fold when sitting down?

    Answer: It won't fold due to the fact that it is custom design to prevent folding 

    Question: Does it hide your back fat

    Answer: It will hide your back fat, but if you want to get a real weight loss effect, we recommend that you keep a reasonable diet and exercise properly while wearing Bengkung Sabah.

    Question: Does it really help get waist smaller?

    Answer: Yes, By compressing your belly fat, this girdle allows you to instantly obtain a 1-4 inch waistline reduction and make your figure look more beautiful. In the long run, when you wear Bengkung Sabah, you need to cooperate with a reasonable diet, a moderate and reasonable fitness to truly reduce the waistline size



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